Figuring out Display

So I've got only got one princess left to finish now, Rapunzel on the far right, but I think this display will work in the final exhibition (bearing in mind they won't be displayed on the floor...) - A

Sewing and Stitching

I'm in the process of sewing and stuffing the textile organs that will go alongside each Disney princess painting, for the Disney Dismembered series. As this is all fairly new to me, I thought it would be useful to document each step of the process in this post. I either painted the organs with oil paints or drew them in pencil, and once they had dried, photocopied each one and covered the picture with a thick layer of Image Maker (which is very similar to PVA glue). I then stuck each image onto raw, unprimed canvas material, which is what gives each piece the worn and weathered effect, and let them dry overnight. In the morning, I rubbed the paper off each image using a wet sponge, to revea

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