'Demure' Details

Today I completed my first multi-media oil painting, that started as an experiment with newspaper and ended as a rather successful piece! Here are just a few close-up's of the painting and the paint brushstrokes.

Getting to Know Oil Paints

As a now recovered anti-oil painter, I can say from experience that oil paints are like marmite: you love them or hate them. What I've come to learn is that there doesn't seem to be an in-between. Go back two years and I would have safely told you that you couldn't have paid me enough to complete an A3 sized oil painting, let alone the ceiling high murals I've been tackling recently. One gone-wrong experience with a Francis Bacon painting had convinced me that I'd be put-off oil paints for the rest of my life. 2015 came by, two long years after being sure that I had to be allergic to the stuff, and my art teacher approached with the idea of experimenting with the dreaded medium in an express

Painting Pets

Growing up, I'd never really been interested in drawing animals or pets. Unconsciously, I was always sketching or doodling people: in restaurant colouring books or on the backs of napkins (even if they were stick figures with slinky-coiled hair). It all makes sense now when the thought of a landscape commission immediately makes me want to yawn. I decided to paint this portrait of my dog, Sassie, as a surprise Christmas gift for my parents, but also partly because I felt I needed more practise when it came to paintings pets. As you can see from the photo to the left, getting Sassie to stay still for the camera - without the bribing of treats - proved much more difficult than the painting its

Filling in the Blanks

My expressionistic paintings, in the style of The Crux of Being series, usually start out as something like this: an odd-looking combination of shapes and blocks of colours whilst I start to figure out a scheme. Facing a blank canvas with the intention of filling every space with the first layer of paint can be daunting, as I never have the reassurance of knowing what the final outcome will look like, but trying not to over-think every addition to the painting and just following my gut-instinct helps! - A SaveSaveSave

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