The following prices are approximate and exclude the backing, packing and postage costs. These guidelines are for one subject in coloured oil paints. Prices begin at smallest sizes available. 

The final price of a commission is decided on an individual-client-basis, however this is unlikely to alter much from the prices listed below unless your portrait is highly detailed, or you request one of the following:

- a portrait with two subjects = 50% increase in price

- a black & white realistic portrait = 25% reduction in price

Please contact me directly to book your commission or for an accurate price quote. Furthermore, check out my FAQ for more information explaining commission pricing, or email me with any questions. 

"High quality art and all at a great price!"


this style is an artistic rendering of the reference photograph

this style requires canvas backing

this style best suits one subject

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this style is a direct copy of the reference photograph

this style can be applied to both paper and canvas backing, and can be painted in black & white

this style requires a reference photograph with good/high digital resolution

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By painting onto a stretched canvas, your commission will be ready to hang on the wall immediately upon arrival. However if you live outside of Europe and your commission is larger than A2 in size, I usually recommend a backing of unstretched canvas material for long-distance shipping.


This is rolled up to minimise possibility of damage in transit and reduce shipping costs. I leave a 5cm frame around the painting so there is always the option to get it professionally re-stretched over a wooden canvas frame at the destination.

Likewise, if you require particular sizing then unstretched canvas material can be cut to any size, and it is cheaper than pre-stretched canvases.

Please know that I always strive to get the best possible price on stretched canvases without compromising quality, and take precaution to securely wrap and pack paintings so that they arrive in good condition. 


Realistic paintings can also be completed on paper. For this I use high-grade paper especially made durable enough for oil paintings. One A4 sheet is 35p / One A3 sheet is 70p.

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